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*waves & tosses out cookies to everyone*

Hi ya guys! I know I posted a while back that I was waiting on Seasons to continue my legacy but GAH I JUST DON'T KNOW IF I CAN WAIT THAT LONG! I have a huuuuuge sim itch right now & I may just give in to it *nodnod*

I have kept away from LJ & legacies to try & hold myself back, though getting into ME3 Multiplayer really kept my gaming needs satisfied for a long time. Anyway, I have legacies from you guys lined up in my browser to catch up on over the next few days, & hopefully I will be back to the Von Dyne's very soon, I miss them!


ALSO, I was thinking about turning the former IF's into sims with that pale white DOLL skin, you know the one with the joints & stuff :O Wut do you guys think? Will it be odd to see the 2 boys pale white instead of blue!? Or has it been so long that everyone is like U HAVE IFs IN YOUR GAME!? WHO!? lolol!!

*wonders off*
Tags: legacy chatter, sims 3
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