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TS2 to TS3 - Goth Family

Hi again! Today I finally finished my TS2 versions of the Goth family & home!
I hope you guys like them, they were so much fun to make & I can't wait to drop them into my legacy neighborhood to see what kind of trouble they get into :)

(don't forget to check out The Pleasants!)

The Goth Family

- Bella, Mortimer, Cassandra & Alexander Goth -

Goth Manor
If you go back & look at the manor from TS2 you will see I made a few changes, mainly the fact I hated the windows they used so I instead choose to use new ones which I think look much better. I also used a more ~epic door & put stone on the main part of the house. But other than that it's a copy of the TS2 version! :)

*gravestones are just debug items*

Lot Size: 30x30

Ambitions + Generations
OMSP with shifting
(you should already have this anyway! It's the only omsp you need in game)

Mort! One of the best sims EVER in a sims game, & his TS2 child self was near perfection & required hardly any editing at all. Just a little fix for his eyes & making his head a bit smaller :P Other than that this is simply the child Mortimer you find in your own game.

  • Ambitious
  • He has a lot to live up to in life!
  • Artistic
  • He always seems to have this trait, I bet if he didn't have such a scientific interest he would be one of those guys in black that goes to coffee shops & reads gothic poetry or something :P
  • Friendly
  • I was actually surprised to read he was an outgoing guy, I dunno why it surprised me, guess I tend to cling to the dark & gloomy version of the Goth persona -lol!
  • Genius
  • GOD DO U SEE MY TYPO UP THERE!? GOD I need to stop doing this stuff at 3 in the morning!!!!! *bangs head on desk* ANYWAY -duh, Mort is a smarty pants!
  • Grumpy
  • I remember, the first time I tried to get him to marry one of my sims in TS3, how freaking HARD it was to get this guy in a decent mood b/c of this trait! Yet it has become an odd favorite of mine :)

Oh, Bella, you may not have been 'officially' in the Goth family during TS2, but how could I leave you out!!?? She is a very heavily edited version of the TS3 Bella who is HORRID! I mean really now, EA, how on earth could you make this iconic sims character so goddang freaking ugly!? Well, now she isn't! SO THERE!

  • Artistic
  • Can't you just see her & Mort having big talks about art together? SO CUTE!
  • Brave
  • She had this trait as a child & I think, to live in Goth Manor, you really do need to have this trait -ha!
  • Friendly
  • She & Mort share 2 traits <3 So cute!
  • Good
  • I believe she had this in TS3 as a child as well, I guess this fits with her being a lovely socialite who probably spends all her time raising money for charities <3
  • Lucky
  • Did I give her this trait? Did the game? Geesh it's been days since I made her so I cannot recall... & have absolutely no explanation for why she has this trait -lol!

ISN'T SHE ADORABLE! Ohmygod I just got so excited by her looks when I was fixing her up! She is as thin as you can get in game & has hardly no boobs -heehee! Gosh, I love Cassie so much, one of my all time fav sims & probably the one I played the most in TS3! Though I always made sure she got left at the alter by Don b/c I loved her little mental breakdown :x
(Anyone else miss the awesomely hilarious breakdowns? I DO!)

  • Bookworm
  • She looks the cliche of a bookworm -but psh still love that trait for her
  • Family-Oriented
  • She was a family sim in TS2 so therefore she must have this trait!
  • Genius
  • Cute & can explain physics to you? Why yes, she is perfection!
  • Neurotic
  • Lulz, I couldn't help but give this to her, it's one of my favorite traits & I guess just remembering her mental breakdown in TS2 makes this a must trait for her!
  • Shy
  • DAW! Cassandra makes me gush with love so therefore she needs a DAW worthy trait.

Did anyone else name any male child Mort & Bella had in TS1 Alexander? I DID! So when I saw that WAS their kids name in TS2 I kinda had a super excited moment -ha. In TS2, after Mort married Dina & died I always had ~awkward~ Alex have an affair & sometimes marry Dina for the scandal of it all! So he would end up being the step-dad & brother to any kid Dina & Mort had :x

  • Ambitious
  • I always tended to play him super ambitious & goal oriented to the point he never even looked around at other girls/guys his age... which, ahem, is why he always ended up with Dina!
  • Genius
  • Seems to be a Goth MUST trait!
  • Neurotic
  • I almost didn't give him this trait since Cassie has it, but in the end I did it anyway -maybe growing up in the same house with ghosts all over made them this way!

BONUS SIM! Michael Bachelor, aka Bella's older brother! Don't remember him? He was in TS1 & was a ghost in TS2 since he was the previous husband of gold digger Dina Caliente! Which, if you think about it, seems like it was Dina's IN with Mortimer since she was married to his brother-in-law :O Anyway, I just had to add him in & hope to marry him off to Dina once I make her!

  • Information about Michael:
  • I forgot to copy his traits & things down, but he is an Astronaut!


***downloading as a single sim does not include skills***

Mortimer l Bella l Cassandra l Alexander l Michael
***Cassandra & Alexander's glasses are base game, I used the glasses slider to make them round***


TS2 Goth Manor

Goth Manor with Family

Goth Manor with Family + Michael


Where is Agnes?
I love Agnes in TS3 & who can forget her in previous games!? But I just didn't like anything I was coming up with in CAS for her previous game looking self -sigh. But I still may tackle her later on :)

please read
Where do the house/family files go?
- Place them in your Sims 3 directory under the Library folder. (example: MyDocuments/ElectronicArts/TheSims3/Library)

Where do the sim files go?
- In your Saved Sims folder(example: MyDocuments/ElectronicArts/TheSims3/SavedSims)

You WILL need sliders for these sims to appear correctly!
- I use Awesomemod & its slider mod (check out my awesomemod information link on the left side of my journal). Other mods work yet, to me, not as well as Awesomemod. Find all sliders with this custom search Lazy? Don't want to hunt up sliders? That is okay, TAKE MY ENTIRE SLIDER FOLDER RIGHT HERE!

Please do not claim my sims as you own even if you edit them a little.
- But feel free to use them in your legacies -just be sure & let me know so I can read & enjoy!
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