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*waves & tosses out cookies to everyone*

Hi ya guys! I know I posted a while back that I was waiting on Seasons to continue my legacy but GAH I JUST DON'T KNOW IF I CAN WAIT THAT LONG! I have a huuuuuge sim itch right now & I may just give in to it *nodnod*

I have kept away from LJ & legacies to try & hold myself back, though getting into ME3 Multiplayer really kept my gaming needs satisfied for a long time. Anyway, I have legacies from you guys lined up in my browser to catch up on over the next few days, & hopefully I will be back to the Von Dyne's very soon, I miss them!


ALSO, I was thinking about turning the former IF's into sims with that pale white DOLL skin, you know the one with the joints & stuff :O Wut do you guys think? Will it be odd to see the 2 boys pale white instead of blue!? Or has it been so long that everyone is like U HAVE IFs IN YOUR GAME!? WHO!? lolol!!

*wonders off*
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The past few days I have been working on getting Lucky Palms all set up with lots from every EP so I can move my legacy family there. BUT my problem is… I am trying to build a house that LOOKS like it BELONGS in that type of landscape & I am failing miserably! I have looked on multiple house plans sites but nothing is really clicking, & I have demonlished over six houses that I gave up on.

Does anyone know of any pictures (doesn’t have to be a house plan) of houses that look as though they fit into that Arizona-ish type landscape. A house that is big enough for a legacy family yet NOT crazy-massive-big-needs-60x60-or-larger-lot -harder to find than it would seem!

The only things I find that are stunning are things that would be super crazy annoying to build, if not impossible, with the build mode in TS3.

I desperately need inspiration/help! *passes out cookies*
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Been gone... duh! lol!

So I was gone for a few weeks, then I got all re-addicted to Skyrim which means I have been seriously MIA!! But I just wanted to post a little something here to let you guys know I am not giving up on my Von Dyne legacy, I am just going through one of my non-sim phases :)

& OHMYGOD, Supernatural in September & Seasons in November!!!!!!!!

I am so excited!! & frankly I have no plans -as of now- to get back to my legacy until Seasons comes out. THAT MAY CHANGE! But for now I think I will pause it b/c I know me & I know I am going to want to move to that new hood & it will be a huge ordeal with extended family... so I am going to just wait.

BUT I may do something temporarily in the mean time since I have been in a sims mood today. I may go hunt up a mini challenge or something & give that a go :)

*passes out cookies & dr pepper & wiggles away*
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Von Dyne Legacy - Generation 1 Part 8

Over a week since my last update after back 2 back updates the past couple weeks -I feel like I lagged behind even though I guess this is still pretty fast. BIG update here! Almost 130 pics & the LAST update of this generation! Info on the poll will be at the end! *wiggles*
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Final update of Generation 1!


Previously in the Von Dyne Legacy:
Prom was had
New house was built
Kitties were born
IFs became real boys
Ford became a teen
Big teen party was funtimes
Farrah found her soul mate ♥
& Ziggy has a broken heart *sniffles*

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About my personal Downloads...

So over the past three weeks I have received nearly a dozen requests to upload my downloads folder from various people. At first I just brushed it off, then the requests just kept coming so I replied that no I would not upload mine... yet the requests just keep coming by new & the same people asking & sometimes even 'politely' demanding I give them my downloads!

So here is my final answer on the subject.

1) Do you know how large my downloads are? There is no free site that would hold them all unless I spent hours splitting my downloads into smaller folders to rar up & spent days & days waiting for things to upload.

2) Everyone has their own personal tastes in things. Sure you might love a lot of what I have but loads may sit unused & unwanted & take up valuable space on your computer & cause your game to lag worse than it ever did before. I do not pay attention to polycounts, I have a lot of things that are WAY too high & would kill a lesser computer.

3) Frankly I find it rather rude when people keep asking me for this. Once makes me sigh but twice makes me snarl. I consider myself a nice person, & since I would never in a million years seriously ask someone to do something that is extremely time consuming for that person, I do not understand why people keep asking me for mine. Do you know how crushing it was to loose TWO computers in the span of three days? I lost everything dear to me on those computers - & I am not even talking about sims right now. So many personal things were lost since I used both computers as backups for each other instead of a 3rd party source like a fool. Then on a sim level I lost every sim you see here on my flickr for one thing, & that was beyond sad for me since I loved each & every one.

& after dealing with all that I just sat down & within days I had my downloads redone. So why can't anyone else do that? IT IS NOT HARD! In fact, it is FUN to redo downloads! It's like shopping with unlimited money! So, my compromise on this subject is that I will list the people/sites I go to to get my downloads.

Therefore people can stop asking me to do their work for them & do it themselves. *nods*

    My Sims 3 Blog - This is the one link you should bookmark, I visit it everyday to get download updates.

That is literally every site/creator I have any download from . When I redid my downloads I bookmarked every person I downloaded from so this is my complete object shopping list.

Final Say on the Matter - Do NOT ask me to upload my downloads folder anymore, PLEASE! I am so tired of having to tell people NO. I don't like to say no, but I am sticking to this answer & it is very rude to keep asking me, or anyone else for that matter, & forcing me & other people to get annoyed. Even if you do not have an account at TSR -everyone knows there are ways around that. So no more whining & making me feel like I am a bad person just b/c some people feel they need to put energy into making me feel like I am the bad/lazy person who somehow OWES it to them when that is not true.

Happy Simming & even if you never asked for my downloads, maybe this small list will open up new downloads for some of you!
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Von Dyne Legacy - Generation 1 Part 7

Woot, finally caught up with this update to almost where I am in the legacy! I will have at least one more, maybe 2 I dunno, update before the heir poll!
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Generation 1, Part 7 of the Von Dyne Legacy!


Previously in the Von Dyne Legacy:
Eva aged & took the family on a bonding vacation
The twins became teens & Duchess got preggie!
Farrah still won't let Fiona inside her heart :(
Tink got old :/ & WE GOT A FREAKING UNICORN!

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Von Dyne Legacy - Generation 1 Part 6

I have gotten ahead of myself in this legacy! I am showing off a new house this update yet I already built a NEWNEW house yesterday & I gotta get my butt moving with updates to get caught up -ha!
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Welcome back to the Von Dyne Legacy, on to Part 6!


Previously in the Von Dyne Legacy:
Farrah returned & has godlike dreams... eep!
Xena & Regal joined the family <3
Eva performed at the BIG venue!!
Ford aged & is showing signs of being a handful!
Eva & Bryce went on a romantic vacation <3

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Von Dyne Legacy - Generation 1 Part 5

So many updates from me this week, I have been on a roll *bops around*
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Part 5 of the Von Dyne Legacy!


Previously in the Von Dyne Legacy:
Eva & Bryce BOTH reached their LTW!
Bryce decided to become a kept man & quit his job
Fiona is convinced the house is cursed!
You were introduced to Serafina, Sonic & Stacy... yeah.
Farrah was packed off to Military school & Fiona is determined to get her back!
Will she this update?

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Von Dyne Legacy - Generation 1 Part 4

I have family coming this weekend but I think I have enough pics for another update before Monday, I hope! Gosh my loner self dreads the fam, siiiiiigh!
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The Von Dyne Legacy - Part 4!


Previously in the Von Dyne Legacy:
Babies were made
Kitties were cute
A Dog stole my heart
& a new house was built!

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